difference expo install versus npm install

I am using expo modules in a bare react native project. In the installation docs expo install is used to add the package to the npm dependencies instead of NPM install.
My questions: what is the benefit of expo install with a bare react native project and can I still use the NPM install with automatic linking or npm install with ios pod install?

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As far as I know, the only thing expo install does is try to ensure you’re installing a version of the dependency that is compatible with the Expo SDK version you are using. It calls yarn or npm to do the actual install. But if you call expo install expo-secure-store when you’re using SDK 35 then it will do something like call npm install expo-secure-store@7.0.0 instead of just npm install expo-secure-store.


@wodin thanks. But expo install is also suggested for bare react native projects where the expo SDK is not used. My main worry is Android, that under water the react-native link command is also called and that some android dependencies are installed. For ios you can always run the pod install command after npm for dependencies. For now I did not experience any problems with npm and pod install for ios. But it would be great to have more info about what expo install does with bare react native projects.