DevTools Browser console output differs from terminal's

  1. SDK Version: 36 (experienced this on other versions too)
  2. Platforms: iOS (probably also Android but didn’t tested yet)

I have been experiencing this issue for a while,

When I run yarn start from the terminal you get the expo cli running and opening the DevTools console in the browser, and while it keeps running the terminal has its own output, which is always up to date with whats happening in the simulator, you can see all the console.logs in real time.


But the DevTools browser console output is not updated in real time.
Sometimes its like it “keeps a buffer” of outputs and doesnt throws them, so you can not see the latests console logs that the app has been throwing. (they latter appear when more output is throw later)


Has anyone experienced this before? I can provide more info or opening an issue in github if you admins think this could be an expo bug (and it really feels like its a bug from my experience).


Anyone… ?

Sounds like a bug to me. I don’t use the browser-based interface, so I haven’t noticed the issue myself.
Might be best to create an issue on the expo-cli repository.

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