DeviceNotRegistered notifications Android

  1. SDK Version:39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS)

Tomorrow I did

expo push:android:upload --api-key AAAAEdSm7CQ:APA91bFxVxcHefKEhpto4WW_2WyvOdCh7-hcdB3oX7roKQgueTXZ3rS9zr9H26cd1hMoj64p-gVN1if8XnKYcGMpXCtb_XK6Vm6MGwZjb6kiKRxYAD3AF4bU_VdnxUemwGTo6wwXUSWz

and got An unknown error

Today this command works good
but notifications doesnt work

      "id": "1c3d887b-7ce8-4208-8637-a04063d4c42f",
      "status": "error",
      "message": "The recipient device is not registered with FCM.",
      "details": {
        "error": "DeviceNotRegistered",
        "fault": "developer"

Hey @alexhodovas,

Can you make sure that you have the appropriate googleServicesFile and that you have useNextNotificationsApi set under the android key in your app.json?


Hi @adamjnav

sorry for many questions from me
but this is very important for my project

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