DeviceNotRegistered Built IOS App Testflight

So i am trying to get push notifications working on a built version of my IOS app on testflight.

When trying my app in Expo Start notifications can be used perfectly the issues only arrise when i build my app.

I have successfully compiled my app and submitting it to Testflight.

My ExponentPushToken is getting generated and i successfully alerting the app with the token.

When i try to post a push notification to the app it returns the error DeviceNotRegistered.

I have let Expo handle all the certificates itself so it should be working fine.

What is the solution to this issue?

  • DeviceNotRegistered : the device cannot receive push notifications anymore and you should stop sending messages to the corresponding Expo push token.

possibly you are using an out of date expo push token, or the user has disabled push notifications on their device