Device Reminders (iOS / Android)


It looks like Reminders come from the device, just like Contacts do. Is this something that ya’ll would have to implement on your end if I wanted to start consuming them?

I created a canny issue just in case.

I think I’m good for Android (Google reminders are saved under Calendar). That being said, I don’t believe CloudKit supports reminders and must be synced through the device.

Any insight would be appreciated!


hey, would a scheduled local notification serve your purpose? you can pass some data along with it that when clicked can be parameters for a callback function to run.

Hey thanks for the reply!

I don’t necessarily understand. For reminders?

yeah, i was thinking something like google calendar as you mentioned. if i want some reminder for midnight tonight - ‘brush my teeth’ - i can use the scheduling options for the local notification to remind me of the event at whatever interval I want (e.g. 1 hour before, 30 minutes before, at midnight, etc.)

did i understand your situation correctly?

Ah I’m looking to consume a users reminders off their phones. Is this what you’re referring to?