Develop for cellphone and tablet

Hello everyone, is there any good pratices or hints to develop an app for cellphones and tablets at the same time?

Hey marcelotmagahaes!

Are you looking for best practices or tutorials for developing applications that scale well to both mobile and tablet devices? Or are you wondering if Expo has some features that support tablet and iOS previews at the same time?

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Hello Jimmy, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay to answer.
In reality I’ve not built my first Expo app yet, I’m researching several things yet to start without problems. I want my app to work great on mobile and tablets with the minimum ajustements possible, that’s why I’m asking. If there is some tutorial or guide on how to make it work with the best performance, it would be great.

No worries!

Here are some examples of react-native libraries that work with Expo, you could take a look at these and see if they are to your liking:

Happy hunting

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Just awesome collection of tools! Thank you so much for the help Jimmy!