Dev with test phones + Docker

Hi Folks
I have a collection of physical phones I develop with. These phones do not have email or numbers configured, and are wiped often.

I am also using Docker to contain my expo environment.

Part of that has been using a URL other than the one EXPO provides, to allow me to route to the service externally. (Expo says my url is localhost, which doesn’t work from my phones, natch)

Is there any way to get my desired url into the system now?
I hate to say it but this seems fully broken.

Alex Mouton

Sufficient workaround:
Exp:// urls can be entered into the phones browser.

That’s a good workaround. If you wanted to skip typing the URL so much, you could text or email yourself the exp: link as well, or create a web page with exp: links that you load in your browser.

Thanks James!
As above, I don’t have email or sms on these phones. they are test machines.
A website would be a good thing too but then… thats what I thought Expo provided me?


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