Determining factor for the free tier queue time when building

Please I wanted to ask if there’s anything specifically that determines the queue waiting time for building on the free tier.
I noticed that my first 5 builds were quite fast…but then the 12th build is taking 90 mins.
I know the whole 30 free builds for the free tier thingy…but the jump from a 20 mins wait time to 90 mins was really wild and I thought the long waits would come after I’ve exhausted the 30 free builds on the free tier
Summary is, I just wanted to know if there’s any particular determining factor for the queue time and if next month I’ll be able to build in 10 mins again…or it’ll still be taking so long

Hi @beginners-lock

As far as I know they have a certain number of builders. If there happen to be more people trying to build at the same time, the queue gets longer as a result and you have to wait longer.

See Service Status — EAS Build — Expo