Detached iOS white screen


I’ve got a detached app working really well when I’m using exp start --no-dev but when I publish my app, build and install an ipa on a device, I’ve got a white screen, with no crash or error.
I’m unable to get any information about this behavior since I’m in prod mode and published via expo tools.

The published app is working well on android so it might not come from my code.
For information I’ve tested to publish my app with only:

render() {
  return (<View><Text>Test publish</Text></View>);

Could the problem come from the expo servers side, or the js compilation?

Thank for your great work!

Hi! What’s the environment where you’re able to run exp start --no-dev without problems? Is it running in an iOS simulator with your detached binary?


My issue is fixed thanks to This link

Solved after remove yarn.lock and reinstall node packages

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