Detached, iOS, production mode, can't connect to endpoint

So I have this endpoint hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk e.g http://{myendpoint}

I also have a detached (to ExpoKit) React Native app.

  • localhost version of app works in both dev and prod mode
  • hosted endpoint works if you hit it from the browser/curl/etc (also works on the phone browser)
  • hosted endpoint works in dev mode
  • hosted endpoint does not work in prod mode

The error I get with the endpoint in prod mode is:{myapp}%blahblah%blahmoreidandnumbers-30.0.0.ios.js Network error: Network request failed.

Threw me for a loop, considering even though my app is hosted on AWS, I’m not using Cloudfront (yet). Discovered this was an Expo thing.

Any advice? Btw, when I say detached I mean exp detach. This doesn’t seem to be the same thing as eject?

I had to run expo publish, and it worked.

I don’t understand. Can someone explain what this does that fixed my app’s network connection issues that were only happening in prod mode?

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