[Detached] Can sentry-expo get swapped with react-native-sentry ?


I have a detached expokit app and I am realizing that when crashes occur of the app, I am not receiving error reports to sentry using the sentry-expo integration. I am thinking that maybe sentry-expo is a JS only version or has some pieces missing from Sentry’s official react-native-sentry integration. Is it possible to swap out sentry-expo for react-native-sentry in a detached app? I guess if sentry-expo is JS only then the answer is yes, but I am not sure if Expo is doing any native linking with sentry-expo.

cc @notbrent as he did work early with sentry-expo

hi @rcastner! indeed sentry-expo only provides the JS traces. you should be able to use react-native-sentry instead of sentry-expo just fine, yeah (sentry-expo uses it under the hood). sentry-expo exists just to hook into the publish process to automatically upload source maps and to add some additional metadata on to each error message using knowledge about the expo environment. i’m not sure what is required to make native stack traces work but you should be able to do it yeah. i’d suggest following their guide, and perhaps modify the upload-sourcemaps script to do what you want (https://github.com/expo/sentry-expo/blob/master/upload-sourcemaps.js) – for example, maybe you just want to write them to disk so you can upload them separately as part of your own process.

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