Deploying the IPA to Itunes automatically from expo

I am a windows or linux guy, and now that i have develop an app, i plan to deploy this to itunes… I was able to build and downloaded the *.IPA from your command line “exp build:ios”.

But when I was trying to upload it to Itunes, they ask me to upload the file via XCode or Application Loader which runs only on MAC os. I dont have MAC computer, what are the other cheap options that I can have now to upload the file to Itunes?

You might be able to do this with

Otherwise, you might have to rent a Mac for a few hours through something like MacStadium and then use that to do the submission.

We might be able to make this a bit easier but it gets tricky since most developers will want to manage their relationship with Apple directly and we don’t want to mess with that too much.