Deployed app crashing... are any logs/debugging info available?

Having an issue with a native react app (probably related to firebase but I’m guessing). Locally the app works for most people, but the version that we’ve deployed to expo is crashing repeatedly on a transition to a new form. Is there anyway to see any logging that might be happening with the deployed version?

I probably just missed something in the docs, but I haven’t found anything. I’d be quite happy to get a link to the debug system.

I’m really hoping this doesn’t become a comment things out until it works scenario. :frowning:


Hey @360vitals,

The best approach here is run your project via expo start --no-dev --minify which will replicate the bundle that is served in production. As well, connecting a device and checking device logs usually exposes more pertinent information regarding crashes.



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Thanks we tracked down the error this way. Something about 5.5.5 firebase so we reverted to 5.5.0, regardless your testing tip got us to the answer we need.

Thanks again

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Okay… so I did that and it solved my problem but I can’t figure out how to get back into dev mode.

expo start

Still logging to the command shell, no shake to open dev webpage etc. How do I go back to the way things were.


Hey @360vitals,

You can pass --dev to expo start or you can toggle it via the switch component in the web page that is opened up via the expo CLI.

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