Dependency Vulnerabilities with React 0.55.4

I understand why Expo v 29 stuck with React Native v 0.55.4, but the ws package dependency has a high vulnerability that would be resolved with a version update.

The vulnerable version of ws is a dependency the outdated version of react-devtools-core.

Is there any chance we can get a patch to bump the version of react-devtools-core from 3.1.0 to 3.2.2 to resolve this?

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Any feedback here??

The vulnerability page you linked to shows that the ws module can crash if someone sends you a specially-crafted header. This could be an issue in production services as an attacker could take them down but for React Native the threat would be that an attacker – with access and knowledge to your local development server – could crash your development server and you’d have to restart it. Given this context the severity of the vulnerability seems very different than in a scenario with a publicly exposed production server.

So basically I would posit that for Expo, the bug in ws is minor and worth fixing but not a reason for panic.

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