Deleting anonymously created snack

Hello everyone.

I wonder is there a way to delete an anonymously created snack ?

Yesterday I created a snack (without logging in) but for some privacy reasons I need it to be deleted.

To whom should I contact with about that ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @cyardimci,

Why can’t you just remove the code and save it ?

But when you remove the code (or change the code) and after save it, a new link is created. The old link with the old content stays

Oh ok ! hmmm i don’t really know how can i help you :sweat_smile:

@thetc maybe you’re the best one to answer this?

Since anonymous snacks are truly anonymous, we don’t have any way to verify who created them.
Unless you share the link with someone or post on another site, though, there’s no way to find what you created outside of guessing a lot of random ids, which we’d see before you got very far.

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