Delete expo account

Hey there,
I would like to get my expo account deleted and couldn’t find a link/button for that.
I just signed up to evaluate Expo and decided against it or actually I decided against React Native and not Expo itself.

UPDATE, Sep. 20, 2018:

We’ve had support on our website to delete accounts for a little while now. Here’s a brief walkthrough:

After logging in, click Edit account under the profile menu on the top right of the homepage:

On the left-hand menu of the profile settings page, click “Settings”:

At the bottom of the settings page, follow the directions to delete your account (the button shows up after you start typing in the box):

Hi! In general leaving your account open shouldn’t cause any problems (we very rarely send email, don’t charge you any money, etc), but we’re happy to take care of this for you. Please email from your account email address and we’ll go ahead and remove your account.

Hey there.
I don’t like leaving unused accounts open. It happens too often that services get hacked and closing unused accounts reduces the attack surface for myself. I’ll send a message to the mail address.

I accidentally created this account with an email account that works as a mail sender, I would like to delete this account, could you help me?

Deleting account through “setting” doesn’t work. The account persist to exist even after completion of delete process and receiving the account successfully deleted message.

Hi @user8621, thanks for calling that to our attention! It is resolved now, so if you go through the deletion process again, it should successfully delete the account.