Defaut language error ENOENT app.json


I trying changing the default language to French for my app by following this guide:

But I get this error:

Even though “./languages/french.json” exists

Here’s what I added in app.json

Could someone please help?


Thanks :raised_hands:

Hey @botmane,

What version of exp are you using? Also, I would double check to make sure the spelling of directories is correct and the paths are correct.




I’m using Expo 28 SDK, and verified multiple times that the path is correct:

Hey, when I said exp version I meant the version of the exp CLI not what SDK version you are running! Can you run exp --version and let me know what it says?


I was using exp v50.0 and I just updated exp CLI to v56.0 but still have the same error.

Thank you in advance for your help

@botmane No worries! Alright, I’m going to ask internally about this.

Hey @botmane, what directory are you running the command from? exp won’t resolve relative paths so they will be looked up relative to the current working directory.

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