Default No Internet Connection Screen change?

hello, i am facing a problem . There remains a default blue screen if the app runs first time on offline ( i have built a standalone android apk) . Is there any way to change this? also there is error log in the bottom of the screen…


you can do some stuff with the splash screen by configuring it here in app.json:

we are currently working on making that better but maybe the current stuff will help make things more the way you want them.


i have a splash screen image . I am talking about the ERROR screen that shows up when app runs offline labeling no internet connection . is there anyway to change this? there’s also error log in the bottom . Let me show you the screenshot .


@ccheever any update about this?

i guess ejecting is the only option left . these issues needed to be addressed . hopefully in future :slight_smile:

Hey @sadimahmud, this is currently an issue we are working to fix now. Allow standalone apps to load and function with no internet connection | Voters | Expo

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for replying .
Yeah i know about the canny request . I am talking about the SCREEN it shows when there’s no internet connection. THAT BLUE DEFAULT SCREEN . I am inquiring if there is any way to change or customize THAT screen . Or is it by default how expo works currently?

That is how Expo works right now, and you can’t customize it. It is part of client you downloaded.

Hi… If you are connected, but don’t have inrternet access it usually means either you didn’t get an IP address from the wifi access point or router etc. It means that either they don’t want you accessing the internet or your machine is not configured correctly.