Deep Linking Push Notifications

My app has push notifications that direct the user to specific pages within the app. I followed the docs for handling the notification, whereby I utilize ex-navigation to push the appropriate route.

However, this only works some of the time. For instance, if the app is closed, deep linking won’t work, because it will refetch the bundle first, then take the user to the main page. Any thoughts on best practices for deep linking push notifications?

Hi, theoretically we handle this case as well. If your app starts from a push notification, we still deliver it via the same API after loading the bundle. Your question makes it sound like this isn’t working, so maybe there’s a bug. Are you using iOS or Android?

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iOS. Deep linking usually works when the app is backgrounded (i.e. doesnt have to refetch the bundle).

i have been having the same problem, if the app is closed it just opens to initial screen