Deep Linking only works when app not in background

I have a detached app and setup myapp as deeplink scheme. If I deeplink in iOS to my app from safari it only works when the app is not running in the background. In safari I type:


When the app is not running it opens the app correctly. When the app is running in the background it gives the following error:

Hi, this looks like a regression on our iOS builder. I’m looking into it now.

What is the actual scheme you are using (I assume it is not myapp ?) I’ve just tested this and everything works as expected for most url schemes. The only scheme you can’t use is something reserved by another app, e.g. a facebook scheme (fb12345) or an Expo development scheme (exp12345).

Hi Ben, thanks for your reply. I’m using my bundle identifier as url scheme (com.webcomrades.sportsapp). In app.json I’ve added this under expo.scheme and in info.plist I’ve total three URL schemes defined fb12345, exp12345 and com.webcomrades.sportsapp. Behaviour is the same for all deeplinks (fb12345://+, exp12345://+ and com.webcomrades.sportsapp://+).

Ah, I didn’t notice in your original post that you said you had detached. Interesting. I think this might be broken in development right now. Just out of curiosity, if you compile a Release build and try there, does it work as expected?

I believe this code on our end might be incorrectly handling that case:

I’ve opened an issue to track this:

I have the same issue in a non-detached app on iOS.

Deeplink works when app has been closed
Deeplink crashes when backgrounded

“A server with the specified hostname could not be found”

Code -1003

I have the same issue. Please give me any solution

Possibly/probably related: React native deep linking not working when app is in background state · Issue #24624 · facebook/react-native · GitHub

Edit: also see: Expo deeplinking issue with addEventListener - #11 by lucaswhatson

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