DeckSwiper refuses to render items

Attempting to use DeckSwiper but for some reason I can’t figure out how to get it to render cards.

I’m currently trying to make something with DeckSwiper. I can’t seem to get items to render.

When I do this, nothing gets rendered. What am I doing wrong?

    renderItem={ item=><Text>Test Text</Text>}
    renderEmpty={this.renderEmpty} />

i know, that it recognizes the data, because if I pass an empty array to dataSource, the expcted results for renderEmpty is displayed.

This component obviously works because if i run the kitchen sink app, the deckswiper demo works as expected.

hello! i do not know what deckswiper is, and it’s not part of expo. you’re probably better off posting an issue on the github issues for the library.

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@notbrent OMG I’m a retard. It isn’t for expo, it’s for native base. Sorry. thanks for replying.

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