Data in expo app inconsistent with data returned from rest API

I’m using expo to build a meetup type app that also features a social media section similar to yik yak. I am using react-native (obviously) and redux for the frontend, and for the backend I am using django. Fetching “local posts” (social media section) will return a localpost object, most notably: “upvote_count”, “downvote_count”, “is_user_upvoting” and “is_user_downvoting”.

I know that the backend logic that return those attributes functions as it should because it has been tested via postman, and most of it works as it should in the frontend, however I’m getting a very weird bug: in the “state” of react-native-debugger, the attribute “is_user_upvoting” will be “false” (which is how it should be as it’s what is returned from the backend, which I know to be true because I tested it in parallel using postman on top of verifying that there is no upvote record in my django database manager) but the app (and console log) think that “is_user_upvoting” is true. (screenshot)

I’m 99% certain that I don’t have any functions that would change the value of “is_user_upvoting” to be true (I do have functions/actions that change that value but if they were called they would show up in the “dif” part of the react-native-debugger state, on top of being displayed as “true” in the react-native-debugger state which it’s not).

What makes me certain it’s not something I coded incorrectly is the fact that it’s one way in the “state” and another way in the app. Am I maybe misunderstanding react-native-debugger state? Or is there some sort of caching that expo does about attributes that I don’t understand?

We definitely don’t do anything with data returned from a server in an Expo app.

If I were debugging this, I would definitely just find the minimum repro case possible and then continue adding back code + dependencies to determine what’s causing the issue.