Custom development clients lack documentation

I really miss more documentation on custom development clients. We use a managed workflow and are generally super happy with Expo, however when it comes to development clients we’re super confused.

Build for Android succeeded, but it is unclear if and how to install this on the local emulator.

Build for iOS fails with

Assigning provisioning profile '*[expo] x AdHoc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' (Apple Team ID: xxxxxxxx) to target 'MADevelopmentClient'

Could not find target 'MADevelopmentClient' in project.pbxproj

It would be really great if someone that has gone through all the steps to get a custom development client both on devices and in the local simulators could clarify.

Also, I just guess that we need this custom build with expo-community-flipper and Hermes enabled in app.json to be able to debug properly locally?

I can’t seem to find any good documentation or examples on how to get this working out of the box at least, and we’ve spent a lot of time trying to piece something together now, hoping someone chimes in with some pointers :crossed_fingers:

Hi @kennethlynne,
Thanks for the feedback!

You should be able to install the apk on a running Android emulator with adb install [path to apk].

Our templated project or the installation steps Installation in React Native and Bare workflow projects - Expo Documentation are sufficient to get you building. These should not require you to set up a different target in your project which it sounds like is what is causing your issue.

Those would be needed to use Flipper and Hermes, but remote debugging works as well so long as the other modules in your project support it.