CryptoJS MD5 outputs wrong hash after publish

Hello! Running Expo straight from the DevTools via Wi-Fi in the Expo app CryptoJS (react-native-crypto-js) MD5 function produces correct MD5 hash. But after publishing the app, the MD5 hash is wrong.

Simply running:

Alert.alert(‘MD5 Check’, CryptoJS.MD5(‘test’).toString(), [{text: ‘Ok’}]);

Produces the wrong hash. What does publish do so that the MD5 function behaves differently?

Could you provide a sample Snack that I can use to reproduce this? What do you mean by “Wrong hash”?

Also- you could try using Expo’s Crypto module and see if that has the same behavior

Sorry i’m not familiar with Snacks but by simply importing CryptoJS and creating a simple MD5 digest, it differs from other digests created by other MD5 functions from other enviroments (like PHP). I switched from CryptoJS to Expo’s Crypto and it works as expected (digest is the same in DevTools and published app).

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