CRNA + Expo push notification?

Hi all,

I am new to React Native development and been working on an app that can receive push notifications for my company.

I used create-react-native-app to bootstrap starting code and I’m using the Expo app to run the React Native project onto my device through scanning the QR code generated by npm start command.

I read through Expo Push Notifications documentation and I read this:

Expo push notifications are supported only in standard Expo projects. They are not supported in detached apps nor with create-react-native-app.

However, on this thread, poster says you can use Expo Push Notifications for an app bootstrapped with CRNA as long as you are running it on XDE or exp… Which I assume I am since I am running my CRNA app using the Expo Client app?

If I deploy my CRNA app, will Expo Push Notifications still work then?

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The Expo push notification service is supported only for non-detached apps run with the Expo tools and not CRNA.

So even though the Expo push notification works now for my CRNA, if I tried deploying the app into Google play/App store, it won’t work there, right?

We support push notifications only for actual Expo projects. So even if notifications unintentionally happen to work with CRNA, they may stop working at any time. We recently deployed a change to make this clearer by not providing push tokens to non-Expo projects.

So if I bootstrap my project using create-react-native-app and then run it with exp start I should be fine?

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