CRNA app authentication/Signup

This seems like it would be something everyone has to deal with, but I’m having a really hard time trying to see the best path forward. I’m considering AWS’ aws-amplify-react-native or Auth0’s library for handing authentication and signup workflow. But all the js libraries seem to require a link step which CRNA doesn’t support and I would have to eject. I love the simplicity of working within the Expo environment and being able to publish to the Expo app to share the app with others. What should I do here? What do most people do to securely handle auth/signup?

We want to make this trivially easy but for now, you can use either the Google Login or Facebook Login instructions here:

Those should work!

Thanks ccheever, are you suggesting that users have to have Google or Facebook accounts to make this work, or are you suggesting I look at those examples to figure out how to make AWS cognito or Auth0 work? Thanks for the clarification.

A little more background: I’m building a professional app for the medical community and asking for a facebook or google login makes it appear too ‘consumerish’. Business users mostly expect a smooth sign-up process

With the current options/limitations what would you say my ‘best’ option is?

ah ok - i maybe misunderstood your question.

if you don’t want to use Facebook or Google login, your options are basically:
(1) make your own login system (not crazy)
(2) use a service like cognito or auth0

Good luck!

Thanks, that’s helpful. So you would agree that if I don’t want to eject and can’t use Google or Facebook login, I basically need to write it myself?

You could use Auth0 or some other service that just uses HTTP requests that you can make from JavaScript without ejecting.

Here’s an example of using Auth0 with Expo.

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