creates only a blank directory with expo init command

After choosing a template in expo init command, I expected to see following prompt but expo-cli finished and left an empty project directory.

Expected Expo-CLI prompt:

? Please enter a few initial configuration values.
  Read more: › 50% completed
   "expo": {
     "name": "<The name of your app visible on the home screen>",
     "slug": "AwesomeProject"

Commands actually executed:

❯ expo init AwesomeProject
✔ Choose a template: › blank                 a minimal app as clean as an empty canvas

~/workspace 1m 40s
❯ cd AwesomeProject

❯ ls -a
.  ..

Does anyone have workarounds?

  • Environment
    • macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
    • npm 6.14.8
    • node.js 14.15.1
    • expo-cli 4.0.7

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