Create Expandable Notifications using Expo

I’m not technically stuck on an issue, I’m just trying to figuring out if I can use Expo to create advance (expandable + interactive) (local) Notifications. I’m working on a simple productivity tool that has 2 main parts. Let’s assume that the app has just a simple ‘Start’ button for now.

  1. It should always show a Notification icon in the status bar when user clicks Start (to indicate that app is running; even if app is background-ed). When user expands on the notification, he should be able to interact with the notification, say be able to click a ‘Stop’ button?
  2. The notification should be expandable, ie, maybe show an image, some more additional buttons on it in expanded mode.

I’m basically trying to implement this with Expo. Also, I’m not really looking at push-notifications configuration. The Notifications just need to show up when user clicks ‘Start’ and close notification when user clicks ‘Stop’, mostly going to be used when offline.

Can this be done on Expo without ejecting? It’ll be great if somebody can point me to some documentation/ blogs I can refer for this.

Btw. Love the work you guys are doing w Expo. :slight_smile:

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