Create a component Library

Hello guys,
How do i create a component library publishable to npm and yarn, I am finding it difficult to get a guide to do this. There’s no where in the docs that explains creating a third party library for expo, android and ios. I would so much appreciate your help.

I’ve actually figured this out and I would share the processes very soon.

I am also interested in this. I want to create an npm module that tracks visits and uses expo-constants

AFAIK you can publish a package on npm with expo as a dependency (or a peerDependency) or without any dependency on expo at all (if you want the package to work on both bare and managed workflows.

@akinlekan could you share your work?

Likely this one:

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@srour this is the library, @tombyrer thank you for pointing this out

Thanks @akinlekan & @tombyrer, I was looking for a way to create new library/module, and found this tool that I am currently testing called bob callstack/react-native-builder-bob: :construction_worker_man:‍♂ A simple CLI to scaffold and build React Native libraries (