Crashing Intent when returning from external android Studio APK

Hi whoever watch!

The final purpose is to get a geolcation position from another apk, using expo-intent-launcher and receive of course, the position coordinates.

  1. The external apk is developed with native code (android Studio) and is so simple: It just get the gps location with the best possible accuracy.
  2. I launched the gps apk from expo using expo-intent-launcher
  3. It reaches to open the GPS apk
  4. But when gps apk close, it is not returning to expo apk. It’s closing all.

How you can see on next gif, both apps suddenly close. It doesn’t come back to Expo apk where is launched gps apk.

How do I know what parameters must to set in external apks for returning correctly and keep running the expo apk.

The code for launching:

            action: 'com.conlus.DO_LOC',
            category: 'android.intent.category.DEFAULT'
          }).then((d) => {
            console.log('From coders.location ' , d);
          }).catch((error) =>
            console.log (error)


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