Crashes upon invoking expo-payments-stripe API of createTokenWithCardAsync

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  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android managed workflow
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I am using expo-payments-stripe for Android with managed workflow(unejected), and got crash upon using API createTokenWithCardAsync. I followed the example as similar as stated in the docs, but upon running the function on pressing a button, it always crashed.

const stripePay = () => {
    const params = {
      // mandatory
      number: '4242424242424242',
      expMonth: 11,
      expYear: 17,
      cvc: '223',

    try {
      const token = await Stripe.createTokenWithCardAsync(params);
    } catch (err) {

I have added the setOptionsAsync with the appropriate parameter, in a useEffect() and cant simply get the error. It just crashes upon invoking the function.

And I tried the API paymentRequestWithCardFormAsync, it works flawlessly. It just I do not this in my back end.

Anyone get this crash and know how to fix it? Feel free to reply. Thanks

Were you able to resolve this? I am running into the same issue with no console log after calling createTokenWithCardAsync

No, I haven’t. I changed into Stripe.paymentRequestWithCardFormAsync() API instead. It works great for Android but never tried for iOS.

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