Crash reporting for managed workflow


I wanted to see if support for the Crashlytics portion of Firebase on managed workflow is on the future roadmap for Expo now that the Analytics portion is supported?

I’m aware of the roadmap at but that seems to reflect the next sdk version rather than longer term.

I understand react-native-firebase can be used with the bare workflow already, so I’m just trying to gauge if it’s worthwhile to hold off on ejecting if support for Crashlytics will be added in the near future.

That aside, if there’s no definite answer, is there any other crash reporting packages that currently work with Expo’s managed workflow?


Hey @leowong,

There are currently no options for native crash reports that work with the Managed workflow. You can use Sentry or BugSnag for JS errors however.


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Hi @adamjnav,

Got it, thank you for the reply!

Any word on Firebase Crashlytics support for managed workflow for the near future or is that still unknown?


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