Couldn't adb reverse: more than one device/emulator when docker container is running

Hi all, expo newbie here, Currently i can running my react-native app successfully without any problem using ios emulator, however when I try to open the project in android, it failed with error

Couldn't start project on Android: Error running adb: more than one device/emulator

it says i am having multiple devices, but when i run adb devices -l, there is only ONE device,

List of devices attached
emulator-5554          device product:sdk_google_phone_x86 model:Android_SDK_built_for_x86 device:generic_x86

Am i missing anything here?

Some interesting theory from my friend, if there are some docker container running (those dockers are normal linux container), they will be treated as devices?

When i stopped those docker containers, expo did connect to the one device listed. Anybody can help regarding this, I am sure there should be some android config or expo config to point to one device somewhere.

so my question, how should configure my project to point to the one device i want?

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