Could not find APNs credentials for [bundle identifier]. You may need to generate or upload new push credentials.

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow: bare
  • Your eas-cli version: 0.55.1

Hi everyone, I am getting the following “'Could not find APNs credentials” error when I try sending push notifications through the backend:

    status: 'error',
    message: 'Could not find APNs credentials for [bundle] ([expo account/ bundle]). You may need to generate or upload new push credentials.',
    details: { error: 'InvalidCredentials' }

This is my backend code that I run:

const { Expo } = require('expo-server-sdk'); 

let expo = new Expo();

let messages = [];
const somePushTokens = ["ExponentPushToken[FZLcomJcUxNieW642rDRQR]"];

for(let pushToken of somePushTokens){
    if (!Expo.isExpoPushToken(pushToken)) {
        console.error(`Push token ${pushToken} is not a valid Expo push token`);

        to: pushToken,
        sound: 'default',
        body: 'This is a test notification',
        data: { withSome: 'data' },

let chunks = expo.chunkPushNotifications(messages);
let tickets = [];
(async () => {
    for (let chunk of chunks) {
      try {
        let ticketChunk = await expo.sendPushNotificationsAsync(chunk);
      } catch (error) {

I got the Expo token from my app. The reason why I’m confused by the error is because through expo credentials:manager, I am able to successfully assign the Push Notification Key to my bundle:

✔ What do you want to do? › Use existing Push Notifications Key in current project
✔ Select credentials from list › Push Notifications Key (Key ID: [KEY ID], Team ID: [TEAM ID])
    used by [expo account] ([bundle id])
    ❓ Validity of this certificate on Apple's servers is unknown.
Successfully assigned Push Notifactions Key to [expo account] ([bundle id])

I also checked in Apple Developer, and under Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles > Keys, the expo push notifications key is there with the matching KEY ID.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I could resolve this issue?