=> Nix + Windows !== good

I hope I am not asking some obvious question, but I was trying to do a tiny collaboration really, I am no expert, but this is really really small, Android only…
So I started following the guide for CONTRIBUTING, and I reached the part where you have to set up Nix, and… I am not super sure what Nix is, but for the looks of it, ¿it is not for windows at all? O I might be wrong. Anyway, I was not able to go beyond

Configuring /etc/synthetic.conf...
./create-nix-volume: line 62: sudo: command not found

I noticed two more files in the folder, but they didn’t look like win replacement bash files
In the end, I don’t know enough to keep going. Maybe I am missing something? Or maybe it is mandatory to do this in Linux? In any case, this is the place I felt right to post the issue,
thanks for reading
Buenas Noches

PS: I work in Windows 10

It’s hard to say if this would work, I don’t know if anyone managed to make it work on windows.
Technically we are not supporting windows directly, even user facing stuff like expo-cli works on WSL(which is technically linux).

Nix, and… I am not super sure what Nix is, but for the looks of it, ¿it is not for windows at all?

Nix is pacakge manager. It ensures that everyone work on more or less the same environment(node version, android ndk, …)

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Ups, sorry for the delayed response
So, could I do a expo collab without using Nix? I more like, I should go and install all the WSL stuff?
Also, if the PR I want to make is extreamly small like, so so tiny, and I have tested it in my device locally in an App, can I do the request anyway without all the hussle. I understand all the “hussle” is there to avoid breaking stuff, but this is like…
well check it out yourself

hey there! this is really painful on windows and recent versions of macos. we plan on removing nix soon to unblock contributors like you. if you can open a pr for that specific change and ping me on it i will make sure the appropriate person looks at it! sorry for the hassle

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Thank you very much! I hope it is able to be accepted
here is a link to the PR
The hassle is no problem, I understand why it’s there
Best Regards

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