Continuous deployment and integration

Hello everyone,

I post this message to know your good practices regarding the continuous deployment and integration for a react native app.

I know that several solution exist like Microsoft App Center or Nevercode. But If I am not wrong we must detach Expo.

Do you know the best way to keep development with Expo and have a system of CI/CD ?

My first idea is to have 2 branches (or more) in my GIT repository. The first should be for the development so with Expo and the second for the Test and deployment (using App center or Nevercode) so the second should be detached from Expo.

But with this solution I think I will be confront to some integration issues when I will commit an expo JS view in the detached project.

So if you have some tips or articles that explain the best way to have I will be grateful ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day,


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