Continuous Delivery to Apple App Store TestFlight via GitLab

With other code bases, I can setup GitLab to build and submit the .ipa to TestFlight via GitLab.


There are other ways as well, but when going over to Expo and running the build via ‘exp build:ios’ which triggers on the remote servers I end up with a .ipa file to download and this just doesn’t work for simple Continuous Integration.

Who has built a good pipeline to CI with Expo, specifically getting the .ipa to Apple correctly?

I don’t know if there’s an open source example of using exp build and then submitting the .ipa to Apple, but it should be possible.

I end up with a .ipa file to download and this just doesn’t work for simple Continuous Integration.

Don’t really understand what you mean here. What part of that doesn’t work?

“it should be possible” is what you’re saying… but doesn’t seem you’re quite CI familiar so I’ll ask:
How exactly do you think so?

As mentioned by myself, and you even quoted me on this exact point, but didn’t think you thought it quite through:
You end up with an .ipa file generated by remote servers you have to go to a website URL to download.

In traditional CI pipelines, you typically build the code yourself, then end up with the .ipa on the build server you can then send from there to where it needs to go.

Here with Expo you trigger builds on a REMOTE server (AFAIK) and have to go to a website URL and parse/utilize a download link button to get the .ipa THEN you have the file to work with. Which just doesn’t work from an automation perspective.

So perhaps if you can build locally? Please let me know if maybe I missed this simple solution, however from documentation I don’t see any option to do this.

So to clarify “What part of that doesn’t work?” I’ll have to ask you:
What makes you think that a remote build and making the .ipa accessible on a website via download link works with CI?

Or perhaps alternatively:
Are you familiar with CI pipelines or is this hypothetical on your part?

It’s about automation - and getting things from code checkin to deploy automated - bottom line.

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