Contacts API Duplicated for Android

I would like to know if there is a way to avoid duplicated contacts on android platform, the api is returning contacts with equal ids.

Regarding contacts api on android, would be nice to update ids to integer type, now are returning string type (weird). Also when asking for Expo.Contacts.PHONE_NUMBERS, Expo.Contacts.EMAILS and they are empty would be nice to return keys as you do on ios, now you are removing them on android.

Hi laranicolas! Thanks for posting. We’re aware of the duplicated contacts issue on Android, and a fix should be coming in SDK 25 which is out this Friday! :tada: I think that the ids are strings to have type parity with iOS, whose ids must be strings. I’ll pass along the rest of your feedback.

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Good to hear you will push a new version with fixes @esamelson!

On iOS is ok ids are strings because they are uuids but on android ids are integers (1,2,3,4, … , etc) so is weird the api return strings.

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