Console log on iOS device


I hope you are well.

I am logging to console in my code, but on my iPhone device it does not seem to appear. The log appears fine on my Android device. My app is a Standalone app. I am following these steps:

  1. Add a console.log statement in my code
  2. Connect my iPhone to my Mac
  3. Open up the Console app on my Mac
  4. Select the device in the Console app
  5. Open my app on the phone to see a bunch of logs, but not the one from step 1

Am I missing something? Do JS / Expo logs go somewhere else on iPhones? I’ve tried searching online but found nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Device: iPhone XR
Expo Version: 38.0.10

Hey @tuqire,

I’m a little confused here. What is the “Console” app? Also, console.log statements are not expected to work in Standalone apps.


So Mac comes with a app called “Console” with which you can see live logs of your Apple devices.

And now that makes a lot of sense. I thought I was going mad. Is there a way for me to write logs using Expo / React Native do you know?

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