Consider notifying developers when important fixes are released?

When iOS 13 was released, my app started crashing for some users, and the crash was before Sentry loaded so I wasn’t alerted until a user emailed me.

After I upgraded to SDK 35 and released the fix (publishing to both Android and iOS), the app started crashing on startup for some Android users. Once again, before Sentry loaded and I was notified by a user.

This seems pretty bad. I wonder if the Expo team could identify projects whose most recent build is on the known broken version and email them to tell them to update? It would help a lot.

I realize I can probably set up monitoring of crashes from the App Store dashboards, but it would be helpful to be pointed to the fix if you already know it.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi! We’ve been looking at a few different options for this, you’re definitely right that for some of these fixes it’d be really nice to notify developers affected directly, and point them to the fix.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure to let you know once we have something in place

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