Configurations when cloning a detached project

Hi all, I need to clone a project and rebuild it with expo so that the codebase is stored on a separate server than the original. Any idea on which configurations I would need to delete from the clone of my original project. The original app is detached. What I don’t want to happen is when I exp build:ios/android, for the clone to overwrite my existing project


also having this issue

Hey @wrightmk,

As long as your cloned project has a different slug value (, you won’t overwrite your old project.



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Hey adamjnav,

Are you sure on this? I tried sharing both the projects to my phone from XDE. The original project as well as the new project both point to the same url… I need to be sure this works as I’m pushing the second application to production soon


The projects have different slug values and they are pointing to the same url?

My mistake it works :tada::tada::tada:

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