complain regarding 4.4 in bare workflow

Hello and Special Thanks to the expo team for bringing expo to live.
My question is kind of inquiry, i have been using expo for a while now and it’s been very great, but some months ago i have been force to move to bear-flow to permit support for 4.4, Everything has been moving on fine, but i still get some users that complain the application can’t install on their devices or can install but crashes on start ( 4.4 users), My question is, Expo not support 4.4 at all ? I mean are they some expo packages that don’t support 4.4 at all and can cause does native crashes? . I really wish to know because it will help me determine if the problem come from my code or from expo.

Hey @lewatt23,

We need to update the unimodules readme to indicate what versions are supported but as a good rule of thumb, they will likely match the versions supported by Expo Managed projects which currently means Android 5+. There are some packages that you might be able to get working with older versions of Android but this is not something we officially support so the onus will be on you to implement and maintain them.


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@Thanks just what i wanted to know, is rather sad that i may have to leave my so loved expo :pensive:.