Compile for IOS in windows

how i can to compile my app (react native) for IOS on windows 10?


It is not possible to compile an iOS application from Windows. However, you can use Expo EAS to generate a build of your application for iOS, which you can then install on an iDevice. :grin:

Hi @westalex777

As ccostedoat says, you can’t compile iOS apps on anything other than macOS, because it requires Xcode which Apple only makes available on macOS.

However, you can use Expo’s build servers by running:

eas build --platform ios

if i compile app for ios on macbook, can i install it on iphone without using appstore. this option is available on android.

Yes, this is possible, by creating a build via EAS in “internal distribution” mode, as explained here: Internal distribution - Expo Documentation

if to use the native version without expo?

It’s the same whether you use React Native or Expo. Or even an app written purely with Objective C or Swift.

Apple does not allow sideloading like Android. You have to create an “Ad Hoc” or “Enterprise” provisioning profile as mentioned in the link that ccostedoat posted. And that requires the UUIDs of the phones to be embedded in the provisioning profile.

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