Command Exp conflict with Oracle command

Hi everyOne,
I create actually an app and I need to launch “exp login” for publishing and building but I have “Oracle” in my computer that I use in another project (I can’t uninstall it). I already stop all Oracle services but when I run “exp login”, Oracle runs instead of Expo.
someone can help me? (and sorry for my english)

@toavina! Wow we’re so sorry about this issue, it looks like you’re encountering this Oracle command line tool

What happens when you type in type -a exp in the command line?

Here is a solution that you can try: try using

/usr/local/bin/exp login

instead of

exp login

and see if that works for you? (OSX)

Hello, thanks for your reply but I work with Windows.
I found a solution for my case. I remove temporarely oracle/bin for my PATH and it works great.
I hope it helps someone else.

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I’m glad you were able to find a solution :slight_smile: