Command “exp build:android”, error “Can't find package.json”

Hi dear community,

I am trying to build my apk file and run command “exp build:android”. After some minutes it displays:
[exp] Building…
[exp] Build started, it may take a few minutes to complete.
[exp] Build ID: (some id here)
[exp] Run exp build:status to monitor it.

When I run command “exp build:status”, I see this error:
|[exp] Error: Can’t find package.json
/[exp] There is an error with your project. See above logs for information.

Do you have some information how it could be solved?

are you doing this in the project directory?

Same error here. Ubuntu 17.10

Are you running from the project directory? Anything else in the logs?

Solved here. The Java wasn’t installed.

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