CombinedError: [GraphQL] EAS Update is not yet publicly available.


When I try to run eas update --branch production --message "fix typo" I get this error

From checking the pricing page, can someone please confirm eas update is not part of the free plan and upgrading to the “production” plan is recommendation solution? or is there part of “eas update” service available for free plan users?

Thank you!

hi there! indeed - eas update is currently available to production plan users while it’s in feature preview :slight_smile: it will become more broadly available in the future

@notbrent Got it - thank you!

I would be more than happy if you allow this feature also for the legacy Priority plan.

I really like the EAS - it makes development life much easier, but It is quite costly for our startup to move to Production plan at this moment.

we hope to be able to launch eas update access more broadly soon! it shouldn’t be too long, in the order of months.

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