Coach Messenger by Nudge

Over the holidays, we had a soft launch of our new Coach Messenger app, our first Expo / React Native app. It’s a mobile version of our Nudge Coach app, a platform for messaging and sharing information between health coaches and their clients. You need to be one of our coaches to log in, so you can’t really try it out, unfortunately, but you see what it looks like on the App Store / Play Store, and I included some screenshots below. Some of my favorite parts to work on were the chat screen (using Gifted Chat) and the client health profile (using react-native-snap-carousel).

Thanks to the Expo team for building a platform that’s a joy to work with and for their attention to constantly improving things and answering questions we’ve had along the way. Even when we ran into the rough edges, there was always tons of help available to help us figure things out. We’re really happy with the results and looking forward to continuing to build on the platform.


Awesome! Congratulations on the launch, @llamaluvr! The UI looks very clean. I really like the profile page.

Glad you had a good experience building with Expo. We’re always super stoked to see what people build so thanks for sharing with the community!



Looks great and professional!

Five stars! Nice work man.