clear Http cache in Expo Reactive Native

I am trying to use webview to display a website in my expo react native app, I set a URL to html page in webview. Worked fine. But when I updated and deployed, the updated content is not shown in WebView in react native Android app. When I directly to that URL using a browser I see the HTML is updated. Looks it is cache somewhere in the mobile.

i tried react-native-http-cache but i am not to link in expo as i don’t have access to gradle files. is there other solution?

Hey @sagarv1997 - thanks for the report. I think you’re right, the old data is being stored in a cache somewhere you don’t want it. Would you be willing to share the URL you’re trying to display in the WebView, or if not, the Cache-Control headers that are sent in the response?

Also, it would be interesting to see if you can do anything that makes the WebView get the correct code – e.g. does restarting the app/phone/waiting 24h make any difference?

I am trying on this page

And on deleting the app storage file new content from the website is loaded

Hi! Thanks for the link. It looks like your website is currently telling browsers (including webview) that they can safely cache the contents for up to an hour:

I would recommend tracking down where that’s configured and trying to change it, seeing if that affects the loading behavior of your webview.

Checked for more than an hour but still it wasn’t changing, for now i have added a random string at end of the url, so it will every time load as a page

Why not set the cache-control header in your fetch request (fetch accepts a second parameter, an object, which contains a child object called headers) in your app to bypass the cache without loading your url?

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