CityBike - quickly find nearest available CityBike in Vienna, Austria

Hey everyone!

First of all congratulations to the whole Expo Team for their great work.

I’ve developed a small app that might come in handy when travelling to Vienna Austria.
It helps to localize nearest available CityBike and provides some useful information including current bikes and dock ability.


I’m currently in the process of publishing the apk to Google Play Store
Hope someone will find it useful
Please feel free to give any feedback

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Congratulations, buddy! Always great to see more apps built with Expo put into production.


Thanks man! I managed to publish the app to Google Play Store and hopefully to Appstore in the near future.

Greetings from Vienna!

Congrats on releasing the app! Opened it on iOS with Expo and since location services are turned off, I got the following message “Permission to access location not granted. User must now enable it manually in settings” but I don’t see a settings feature in your app. If you mean the iPhone settings, you may want to use different wording.

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Yes, the message is about device settings.
It is currently just forwarded from geolocation API error object and you are right - it is misleading. I should overwrite it with some custom wording.
Thanks for the valuable feedback!

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