changing the name of the .apk file

After creating the .apk file the name is as follows: yummer-bdc6ce8de8614fbbb111165154b0172b-signed

Can I change this name and will it affect the performance of the application?

Hi @george_kulishavili

The file name is arbitrary. You can rename the file if you want to and it will have no effect on performance or anything else.

I think you built the app using expo build:android, right? If you build with eas build -p android ... then it will be smaller and could potentially be a bit faster as a result. With eas build it’s also possible to use the Hermes JS engine that could potentially also speed up the app.

I used command: expo build:android -t apk

Right. If you build with EAS Build instead the app will be smaller. If you build with EAS Build and you use Hermes if could be even smaller.

Generally you should build a .aab instead of a .apk. If you build a .aab, then the Google Play store can send a customised version of the app depending on the type of device. e.g. if you build a .apk then it would normally include 4 copies of the native code (32 bit and 64 bit for x86 and ARM). But if you build a .aab file, then when the device downloads it from the Play store, Google will send only the applicable native code, depending on what type of device it is.

The .aab file will still contain all of these copies, but if you check the size of the app after installing it, it will be smaller than if you install the .apk.

Thank you!